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Herald is a changelog-as-a-service application to announce product updates to increase feature adoption, user satisfaction and grow revenue faster.

  • Embeddable Widget: Show the updates to your product in your web application using a lightweight embeddable widget.

  • Dedicated Feed: Keep a record of all the changes made to your application in a beautifully rendered timeline view.

  • Custom Domain: Host the Herald dashboard complete with authentication, REST API and widget hosted on your domain.

  • Custom Branding: The widget and feed won't seem out of place in your application because you can customize them to suit your brand.

  • Custom Templates: Save time by using a pre-made changelog template or create your own.

  • Markdown Shortcuts: Easy to use rich text editor with markdown shortcuts and emoji support.

We're still a work in progress. Please check back later for documentation. To get updates on releases or product launches, follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter.