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Introducing the Herald Blog

16 October, 2021

Why I'm starting a blog for Herald#

Herald is the first product from Open Catalysts, which is a product studio I started. I have plans to release more products under Open Catalysts.

While I could write about Herald in the Open Catalysts blog, I want the things about Herald to stay on this domain.

What can you expect in this blog?#

These are the things I'm planning to share here:

  • Features I've planned for Herald

  • Feature releases

  • Behind the scenes details about my thought process among other things

  • Analytics about my revenue, growth etc

  • Anything else that relates to Herald that I think you should know

A little bit about me#

I'm Ilango, a software engineer and indiehacker from India. I'm the maker behind Herald. This and other products under Open Catalysts are a solo operation.

I also write on my personal website where I go into technical details about the things I'm working on.